Exploring how biological sex and gender influence our brain, body and behavior.

Dr. Jeannette Wolfe, MD

Hello there!

I am an emergency medicine physician at a super busy academic hospital where I take care of critically ill patients and teach young doctors. It is a high stakes, high impact job and I love it.

This website is dedicated to my other passion, however, which is exploring the cutting edge science about ways in which men and women’s brains and bodies are hardwired and softwired differently. I believe that some of these differences have HUGE implications for our health and our behavior. My goal for this website is to showcase some of this truly fascinating science so that it is more accessible to anyone with an open and curious mind.

Making science more accessible to help us better understand ourselves and each other.

the number of participants in Ingalhalikar’s 2014 study* that showed significant sex based wiring differences in men’s and women’s brains

risk of death in women (versus 20% risk in men) during first 12 months after having a heart attack

percentage of women who are still significantly cognitively impaired 8 hours after taking the standard 10 mg dose of the sleeping pill zolpidem compared to 3% of men

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