Exploring how biological sex and gender influence our brain, body and behavior.

Dr. Jeannette Wolfe, MD

Bio and Contact

Dr. Jeannette Wolfe is a Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Massachusetts Chan School of Medicine-Baystate. She has spent her entire attending career working and teaching in one of the busiest emergency departments in the Northeast. Besides emergency medicine, her passion is understanding ways in which biological sex and gender influence the ways our brains and bodies work as cutting edge research shows that men and women often have different responses to the same illness, trauma, toxins and therapies. She is also quite interested in techniques to improve effective communication between men and women under high stress, high impact situations.

Dr. Wolfe’s personal mission is to increase the awareness of this science and to use it to improve medical care and effective communication. She is a national lecturer and writer and has recently started a podcast called seX & whY.

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