Exploring how biological sex and gender influence our brain, body and behavior.

Dr. Jeannette Wolfe, MD

Concept Idea

The general concept for this website and the seX & whY podcast is to cover a broad range of topics that relate to biological sex and gender. Although the site will be heavily based in science and medicine my hope is to make the information accessible to anyone who is curious and open minded. To help me keep the material better organized, I intend to place content from each podcast into one of three pods: brain, body or behavior.

Brain Pod
This will focus on some of the emerging science behind sex and gender based differences in the brain and discuss some of the newer tools used to discover these differences.

Body Pod
This will spotlight how biological sex and/or gender can influence our health and disease states. Here we will explore topics within the new field of Sex and Gender Based Medicine that examines how men and women can often respond differently to the same illness, therapies, medications and interventions.

Behavior Pod
Although this pod clearly overlaps with the others (as our behavior is usually triggered by what is going on in our brains and bodies), we will separate it out to emphasize some of the real world implications of our biological sex and gender. This pod will tackle areas like communication, team management, organizational development, unconscious bias and peak performance.

The views on this site are mine alone. As I am a physician and not a PhD in neuroscience or evolutionary psychology, I approach much of this information through the lens of an avid and curious reader and not a source expert. I see my role in this, which ironically is quite similar to how I see my role in emergency medicine, as a cross pollinator who gathers information from multiple sources and then repackages it so it can be effectively translated and assessable to a new audience. I take the responsibility of getting the science “right” quite seriously and if you notice that I have fallen short please constructively email me with corrections at sexandgender@gmail.com.